Wiltshire at War

Explore a range of stories about people of
Wiltshire's experiences of the First World War
Bishopstrowe 1915 - Bishopstrowe 2015

Wiltshire at War

Wiltshire at War: Community Stories is a Heritage Lottery funded project taking place in Wiltshire from June 2014 until 2019.

We invite you to explore this growing archive of some of the stories gathered for the project. We also invite you to share your own accounts about life in Wiltshire between 1914 and 1918. Perhaps you have family stories passed down through the generations, or maybe you are a keen local history researcher and can tell us more about how your town or village responded to the Great War.

Uploading your story and photographs is simple and easy – you can get started here.


Exhibition: ‘The Call to Arms’ & ‘Wiltshire Does its Bit’ on Display at Pewsey Heritage Centre 03 – 30 October 2016


Exhibition 4: Keeping the Home Fires Burning will launch in early 2017.

Lizzie Crarer talks about remembering and honouring Dorothy Lawrence through the production, ‘Over The Top’.

Wiltshire at War: Community Stories – an Update and a Call to Arms!

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the First World War.