Flooding at Salisbury Infirmary in 1915

Early in January 1915 heavy rain resulted in three deluges of flood water affecting Fisherton Street and adjacent housing area, even spreading over the floor of the Cathedral. The ground floors of the Infirmary were flooded too causing not only expense but horrible conditions in the hospital. Several cases of cerebro-meningitis were admitted and isolated before removal to the isolation hospital. Soldiers were called in to help with the aftermath of the flooding.

Views around the Infirmary in Fisherton Street and Salisbury City centre during the floods:

flooding 2
Credit: Alan Doel
flooding 1
Credit: Alan Doel
flooding 3
Credit: Alan Doel
flooding 4
Credit: Alan Doel
flooding 5
Credit: Alan Doel

This story was kindly donated by Lesley Meaker of ArtCare, Salisbury District Hospital.



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