Marguerite Smith’s Autograph Book

Marguerite Smith lived with her mother Maude at 24 High Street, Calne in 1914. In the following years of war, men from the Royal Flying Corps stationed at nearby Yatesbury were billeted at Maude Smith’s home, as were one or two ordinary soldiers.

Marguerite had been given an autograph book by her mother for Christmas 1906. This was a very common gift for a child of the times and many local people, including some teachers from St Mary’s School, wrote words of wisdom in it.

The later pages of Marguerite’s autograph book however, are filled with grateful expressions of thanks from the members of the RFC for the kindness Mrs Smith had shown to them. Some of them – probably away from home for the first time – would appreciate home cooking and motherly care.

Margaret Smith’s 1906 autograph book is now held at the Calne Heritage Centre.

Wartime entries in Margeurite Smith's autograph book
Wartime entries in Margeurite Smith’s autograph book

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