Postcard home from Bulford Camp, Salisbury

The following has been kindly donated by The Army Children Archive:

With permission of The Army Children Archive
With permission of The Army Children Archive

Beneath the title ‘“SWEETHEARTS”’, a girl and a British soldier (presumably her father; his cap badge is that of the Essex Regiment) are depicted embracing on the front of this postcard.

The verse below reads:

‘Together will we march along

And never count the miles;

To Britain’s army we belong

And win with conquering smiles.’

The printed information on the reverse includes the following details:

‘“I love a Lassie.” Raphael Tuck & Sons’ “Photogravure” Postcard. No. 4286 / ART PUBLISHERS TO THEIR MAJESTIES THE KING & QUEEN / Printed in England.’

There is a postmark, stamped Bulford Camp, Salisbury [in Wiltshire], at 1.30pm on 2 September 1916.

The postcard has been addressed in pencil to:

‘Miss Phil Rowe

3 Belmont Terrace



South Wales’.

The message written alongside reads:

‘My Old Peach / What do you think of this card. I’ll be coming home to see you next week, and when I’m home, you’ll have to stop home from school. Love from Daddy x x x x x x’.


You can also find this post on the The Army Children Archive Flickr account in the album ‘The Army Children of the First World War: a Sentimental View’




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