The Chettleburgh Book Memorials

Salisbury plaque historian Mr Clarke has kindly donated these photographs and the information about the First World War memorial books held in St Thomas’s church, Salisbury. You can find these, along with many more, on his website: Salisbury Plaques.


In St Thomas’s church in Salisbury, there are two memorial books to the fallen. These books are in a specially constructed display cabinet which is wheelchair accessible.

Chettleburgh book 1

One book details all those who appear on the Salisbury War Memorial in the Guildhall Square.

Chettleburgh book 2

Three of the pages from one of the memorial books, are given here. One of these pages is the content’s page of the book which visitors are permitted to browse.

Chettleburgh book 3 text

Salisbury’s Book of Remembrance

There are two versions of the Book of Remembrance in this church.
The main book in the case is there to enable us to remember that
wars and conflicts claimed the lives of men and women from
Salisbury throughout the year.

This second book is to enable research about these people who died
in the service of their country.

In order to be included in the database for the book, eligibility criteria
had to be set. The names that have been included have been
selected by use of the current map of Salisbury showing the ward
boundaries, the records on the War Memorial in the Market Square
and those in Salisbury Cathedral. The map of Salisbury used in
compiling this book is on the next page.

Inevitably the data is not complete and will be updated as more
accurate information is made available, especially about those
conflicts that have occurred since World War 2. If you have
information that you feel should be included in the book, please
contact the Parish Secretary in the Parish Office, 5 St Thomas’s
Square, Salisbury.


Chettleburgh book 4 text

A Book of Remembrance

to Salisbury’s sons and daughters
killed in conflict since 1914

“They shall grow not old as we that are left grow old:
age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the goind down of the sun and in the
morning we will remeber them.”

This Book of Remembrance
was made in 2005, funded by
Cllr Bobbie Chettleburgh’s Mayoral Appeal



The Rev’d Charles Hatton

chettleburgh book 5 contents


SectionSection Number
Introduction to Salisbury’s Book of Remembrance
Map of Salisbury
Alphabetical list of names with full details1
World War 1 Names in date order2
World War 2 Names in date order3
Names from conflicts after World War 24
Details of those decorated5
Casualties from the Wiltshire Regiment6
List of units7
List of cemeteries and places of memorial by country8
Alphabetical list of cemeteries/memorials9
Salisbury’s Commissioned Officers10
Salisbury’s Warrant Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers and other ranks11
Civilian War Dead12
Names on the Salisbury War memorial13
Craft workers details


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